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To access your student's information: 

  1. Please click on Aeries Portal
  2. Enter your secure login information (Use Login and Password that you received at Back-To-School Night or was mailed to your residence.)
  3. If you experience difficulty or have any questions about this service, please contact the school.

Welcome to Henderson School, Home of the Hawks

Henderson School is a small school learning community where the focus is on building relationships with students  and providing opportunities to learn the core personal and  academic skills needed for success


Small School Setting

Henderson is a small school in a rural setting surrounded by farmland and vineyards.  Only two grade levels with a maximum of 100 students attend Henderson.  7th and 8th grades have a maximum of 50 students each.


Smaller Classes

No more than 25 students are  in every class throughout the school day, so classroom teachers can offer the extra support and attention vital  for the academic and personal success of students at Henderson.


Free or Reduced Price Lunch

If your student qualifies at their current school, they will also qualify at Henderson.


Transportation to School

Because Henderson is a school of choice for students from anywhere in Lodi Unified School District, students are provided transportation to and from school at  no cost to the family.

Student Attendance

  • Parents, please clear attendance within 10 days
  • If there is an error and your student was marked absent by the teacher, they have until the end of the quarter to have the teacher correct the mistake. If absences are not cleared, truancy notification letters will be mailed home.
  • Parents, please check your student's attendance regularly.
  • Call Henderson office, if there are any problems @ 331-7331

What is Family Involvement?

Family involvement is communicating and doing things with your student, your student's teacher, or your student's school to support your student's learning and success.  Parents, family members, and other caregivers can be involved in a student's education in many ways.  For instance...

  • Talk with your student about homework and offer to help your student understand and learn
  • Provide a quiet space at home for homework
  • Have your student read out loud to you
  • Talk with your student about the importance of learning
  • Talk with your students about college and careers
  • Send notes, emails, or call the school (331-7331) to communicate teachers and other school staff

Henderson Referrals

Henderson School is now accepting applications for the new school year.  Applications can be found by following the link on the left side of the page under links or by clicking below 


 Henderson Referral Form



Today: 6/25/18

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Coping With Tragedy

Henderson Staff

Dr. Dominee Muller-Kimball


Lisa Johns

Principal Secretary

Kelly Crone

Registrar / Enrollment

Aisha Kayani


Susan Rosales


Paul Wagner

Intervention Counselor

Kyle DeAnda


Judy Withers


Carleton Wade

Social Studies

Joy Illian


Robert Kilroy


Dee Morrell